Now, that's a pod!

October 8th, 2001

"That's not something dangerous, is it?"
- A Los Gatos Neighbor, upon seeing the device under test in my driveway.

Here we are, triumphant engineers, with our baby complete and in its crate on the evening before it was shipped from my garage to McMurdo Sound in Antarctica. I'm the big guy in the SF 49'ers T-shirt. Tony is the guy with the beard.

Tony and Joe and device in crate

"Brittany wants to know if it's a time machine."
- My daughter upon asked by a friend what I'm working on in the garage.

This is what it looked like to my family when I spent days in the garage calibrating the instruments and debugging the ground loops I was sure weren't there.

Under test in garage
Tony working on the module; taken in infrared light.
Tony's drilling a big hole in the top of the module right before shipment.

"Wow. You must really love that thing if you let it stay next to your car."
- My wife, seriously concerned my priorities have diverged from family values.

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