Last Day

November 15th, 2001

"God is never bored. Only humans have that capacity."
- Nolan Holland, 2001

I took the picture above using an infrared filter. It's reddish because I forgot to put the camera in B&W mode. It's at the top of this page because as I was scanning through my images, trying to figure out what to put here, I had two choices. One was the infrared picture because I'd just finished reading Gene Brewer's book "K-PAX" and it seemed like a description of that planet. My title for it is: Lunch on K-PAX.

K-PAX is a fictional planet in the Lyra constellation.

Where I am going tomorrow, I don't think you can see Lyra. And the man in the moon is upside down, too.

There is another picture I was thinking to put here. The title of the picture is, "It's easy to look like an idiot wearing this hat." It's a picture of me at a party my wife had for me last Friday. I'm wearing a genuine Russian Siberian silver fox tundra hat a good friend gave me because he couldn't figure out where it was appropriate to wear something like this now that the cold war is over. The hat shed all over me as if I was wearing a cat, but my wife said it gave me that 80's David-Lee-Roth-video look.

If I try to wear that through airport security tomorrow they're going to pull me aside for a full body cavity search and then they'll charge me a livestock transportation fee for my head.

I hope I'm not banned from Antarctica.