Lake Hoare Camp Helicopter

November 30th, 2001

I am drinking a margarita made with 10,000 year old glacier ice. Our module has landed and works perfectly. All those hours in the garage and kitchen paid off.

Rae hooked it up to a helicopter and then the pilot moved it into position. Remember when it was in my garage next to my vette? Now it's here and we're drinking to celebrate. The guac is out. So are the chips and salsa. We have U2 on the CD player and we're rocking in Antarctica. Happy Friday to all.

Then we collected "glacier berries". That's how we get drinking water and ice for our gin and tonics, margaritas, and other mixed drinks.

This is my tent at Lake Hoare. All night I listen to the glacier creaking like a huge building settling on its foundation. When the ice falls it sounds like broken glass being dropped into a trash can.

More words soon.