I Never Thought It Would Be Like This

Another poem from Antarctica to explain.

Why there has to be the blues.

There has to be the blues because
Some kinds of sadness are as good as being happy.
Or misery loves company.

Why people have to die.

People have to die because
There has to be room for new people.
Or living forever would be boring as hell.

Why loneliness is fundamental physics.

Loneliness is a universal constant because
If you took every person who ever lived
And gave them their own galaxy
There'd be a lot of galaxies left over.
Or because you're far from me.

Why there has to be Antarctica.

Antarctica has to be so there was somewhere close we could go
To see what the rest of the universe was like.
Or because God forgot to put something at the bottom.

Why it has to hurt.

It has to hurt to remind you everything has a consequence
That ripples through everyone else's life.
Or it's sympathy for exploding stars.

Why I smile when I look into your eyes.

I smile when I look into your eyes because
I'm happy I'm close to you again.
Or I remember you from my dreams.

McMurdo Station -- October 25, 2005